Gramsesh Manager

Project Management, Visual Organization, Collaborative Calendar, Discussions, Reporting, Time Tracking, and Violet - your Machine Learning powered Personal Assistant

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Visually Organized

With Gramsesh Manager - you can visually organize your tasks into separate collections and get a quick glimpse at everything on the board.

Get Started in Minutes

Gramsesh Manager was designed with ease of use in mind. Get started managing your projects in less than thirty seconds.

Start a Conversation

With Discussions, you can start a conversation and view the whole thread on one page. Attach files and images, collaborate and share ideas with the confidence that you'll never lose anything from a conversation again.

Stay on track with Calendar View

In the calendar view, you can visually see the due dates of all your tasks as well as add custom events and event categories. With downloadable event files, you can easily sync your Gramsesh Manager calendar with Google Calendar, iCal, or any other calendar you use. Keep your project on track and never miss a date again.

Track your Hours

With Time Tracking in Gramsesh Manager, your team and clients will be able to report time worked on each task. In the Reporting section, you'll have an advanced view of exactly how many hours are being spent per task, user, project, etc. You can also view a timeline to see how many hours have been spent per user or per project over the last week, month, quarter, or year.

Meet Violet - your Personal Assistant

Violet is your personal assistant in Gramsesh Manager - perform complex searches, create or complete tasks on the fly, or have her email a report to you. On mobile devices, Violet can assist you in getting things done quickly and easily with voice commands. Violet is powered by machine learning, so she gets smarter every time you ask a question.

Advanced Reporting

Get a high level overview of how projects are progressing with the All Tasks report, or track the progress of the project timeline by viewing the Tasks Completed by Date report. You can also easily see how many hours have been worked per user or project for the last week, month, quarter or year.

Other great features

  • Client Accounts - Invite clients to your projects with granular control of which projects, tasks and discussions they can see.
  • Web Hooks - Gramsesh Manager can push data to any URL when an event takes place, such as creating or completing a task.
  • Mobile Optimized - Whether you are working on a desktop, tablet or mobile device - Gramsesh Manager is optimized for your device.
  • Google Drive Integration - Attach files from your Google Drive account directly to your tasks and discussions.